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About TownNews

TownNews equips local media organizations with the digital services and guidance to transform their business models and flourish in the digital age. Our tools and expertise in print, digital, video, OTT, and advertising enable forward-thinking media organizations in dynamic markets to efficiently engage their audiences, increase security and grow revenue.

Fueled by a passion for local media and a 30-year proven track record of success, more than 2,000 news organizations have benefited from the platform and tools we've built specifically for the media industry to thrive.

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Company history

We were born in 1989 in the back shop of a Montana weekly newspaper. Today, our integrated digital publishing and content management solutions power some of the most distinguished media organizations in the local media industry. More than 2,000 newspaper, broadcast, magazine, and web-native publications rely on us for their web, print, mobile and social media products. Our complete solutions suite includes add-ons for data management, content exchange, business directory and more, helping you boost revenue, improve efficiency, and grow your audience.

TownNews was founded as the International Newspaper Network (I.N.N.) in 1989 to help community newspapers with developing technology by Marc Wilson, Virginia R. Wilson, and Robert P. Dalton, owners of the weekly Bigfork Eagle in Montana. Brad Ward serves as CEO and general manager of the company. Lee Enterprises (LEE on the Nasdaq) of Davenport, Iowa, became majority partner in 1996. We are headquartered in Moline, Ill.

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