TownNews was born in 1989 in the back shop of a Montana weekly. Today, our integrated digital publishing and content management solutions power some of the most distinguished media organizations in the industry. More than 1,700 newspaper, broadcast, magazine and web-native publications rely on us for their web, print, mobile and social media products. Our complete solutions suite includes add-ons for data management, content exchange, business directory and more, helping you boost revenue, improve efficiency and grow your audience.

Our groundbreaking BLOX Content Management System (BLOX CMS) allows you to change the look and feel of your site with a sophisticated yet simple click-and-drag interface. We also have a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable set of online products, which can be integrated and work seamlessly—saving you time and money.

TownNews also bridges the gap between print, mobile and online. The BLOX Total CMS product integrates articles, videos, photos, graphics and other content into a single system for print, online and mobile. Total CMS is disruptive technology that can double your output and cut costs ten-fold.

One way we like to show our appreciation is by writing checks to our customers. The TownNews iQ program allows national, regional and local advertisers to reach national, regional and local markets through websites like yours—using premium and remnant ad space.

TownNews was founded as the International Newspaper Network (I.N.N.) in 1989 to help community newspapers with developing technology by Marc Wilson, Virginia R. Wilson, and Robert P. Dalton, owners of the weekly Bigfork Eagle in Montana. Brad Ward serves as CEO and general manager of the company. Lee Enterprises (LEE on the New York Stock Exchange) of Davenport, Iowa, became majority partner in 1996. We are headquartered in Moline, Ill.

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