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While many college media sites struggle with limited resources, the Collegian at Penn State has found a way to thrive. In partnership with TownNews, Collegian generates enough revenue—through targeted programmatic advertising and increased user engagement—to more than cover their content man… Read more

Programmatic advertising is exploding, but how can news and media companies take advantage of the huge revenue opportunities made possible by audience segmentation and targeting? Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. believes they've found an answer. With the help of TownNews' new data manageme… Read more

Smartphones, tablets and laptops reign supreme on college campuses, and The University of Kansas is no exception. In 2013, with students increasingly turning to The University Daily Kansan (the University of Kansas' student newspaper) website for the latest campus news, the paper reduced pri… Read more

"What better place to showcase your business than through the local news site?" asked Michelle Skadal, sales operations manager at Amplified, Lee Enterprises' digital agency. "When the weather changes or big news happens, people go to the local news website. By putting a business' informatio… Read more

Since its inception more than 25 years ago in the back room of a Montana weekly, TownNews has built a strong reputation in the newspaper industry. It's less well-known that the company has made inroads in broadcast with a suite of digital publishing solutions that allows television and radio… Read more

Lee Enterprises publishes more than 50 daily newspapers across 23 states, producing thousands of unique content items each day. By itself, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch creates upwards of 1,000 new articles, pictures and videos daily. Read more

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