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The all-device multimedia e-Edition that keeps visitors coming back

BLOX Live e-Editions is the cutting-edge print replica that’s designed from the ground up for the digital generation.

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"The upgrade was well thought out, and TownNews was really great with the transition. The new design helps our readers navigate this important part of our product offering."

Chris Coates | Executive Editor,

Chris Coates

Learn how's audience has responded to their redesigned e-Edition. (Spoiler: They love it!) 

A better, more engaging user experience

Your readers want a print replica that feels familiar while also serving up the conveniences of the modern, digital world. The new and improved BLOX Live e-Editions is designed from the ground up for an optimal experience on any device.

  • Modern, mobile-friendly UX adjusts to fit any device, in any orientation.
  • New “Live Article” view displays digital-enhanced articles in a friendlier overlay.
  • Prominent next/previous buttons encourage exploration, boost pageviews.
  • Big, usable buttons for clipping, printing, puzzles, and more.
  • Customizable logo, colors, and more.

An e-Edition that drives big revenue

Drive revenue with e-Edition subscriptions

BLOX Live e-Editions turns your print replica into a powerful producer of new, paying subscribers and advertising income.

  • Boost revenue with high performance, non-intrusive advertising positions (optional).
  • Integration with Audience+ empowers you to grow subscriptions with targeted offers and specialty e-Edition paywalls.

A rich multimedia experience

In print, space is tight and video is impossible. With BLOX Live e-Editions, you can quickly and easily enhance your stories with videos, photo galleries, and more.

  • Convenient "Clip" button makes it easy for visitors to save or print articles.
  • When you include QR codes with your articles, they’re automatically converted into clickable links, opening new possibilities for interaction and engagement.
  • BLOX Live e-Editions is fully integrated with your site, so article updates can be instantly mirrored to your replica, keeping your readers informed.

Efficient processing, delivery, and archiving

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Cost effective processing

When you paginate with BLOX Total CMS,* your print, mobile, web, and replica editions can be built seamlessly and simultaneously—at greatly reduced processing fees!

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Fast delivery

Tired of high postage and slow delivery to your out-of-town subscribers? With BLOX Live e-Editions, your readers get an enhanced digital replica of your print edition the day it hits the stands.

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Economical archiving

We're driving down storage costs, making it simple and affordable to build permanent, searchable online content archives.

Grow with TownNews

Maximize revenue and efficiency with our full suite of e-Edition-integrated solutions.

Paginate with BLOX Total CMS

Powerful pagination

Fast and efficient synchronization with print, mobile, web, and e-Editions when you paginate with BLOX Total CMS.*

Engage with email newsletters

Ultra-engaging newsletters

Effortlessly deliver e-Editions to your subscribers' inboxes with BLOX Email Reach.*

Drive revenue with e-Edition subscriptions

Smart audience development

Grow subscriptions through Audience+* with a speciality e-Edition paywall.

Take your print replica to the next level with BLOX Live e-Editions

  • Mobile: Responsive design works on tablets, smartphones, and desktops.
  • Vibrant: Augment your replica with videos, photo galleries, and other rich content.
  • Dynamic: Keep readers informed with an e-Edition that's always up-to-date.
  • Painless: Let us handle your PDF conversion,* saving you time and money.
  • Integrated: Changes to your TownNews-hosted site can be seamlessly pushed to your Live e-Edition.

Contact us today to get started.

* Optional add-on product.

"Readers can wake up and pick up a tablet or phone and start reading. There's no missed delivery or wet papers. Basically, very few limitations to what we can do."

Bill Patterson | Publisher, Denton Record-Chronicle

Bill Patterson

Learn how grows their digital subscriber base with BLOX Live e-Editions. 

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