Saved Searches
New saved searching makes content easier to manage.

The June 16 release of BLOX CMS version 1.5 contains many exciting new features for both site editors and registered users!

To further empower editors, we've added several time-saving features on the administrative side, including saved searches, batch editing, article merging, revision management and article duplication.

We've also simplified a few things for your site's registered users. They will automatically be logged in to the site upon registration and have more options to select from for their profile image, or avatar.

The following outlines all new features in more detail. Some features (noted with an asterisk) involve changes to your site templates and will require a ticket submission to to be set up.

Asset Manager

*Article Related Content: A "Content" panel has been added under the "Related" tab of the asset management interface. This allows for the inclusion of sidebar elements such as; Bio, More Info, Just the Facts, Story Highlights, Pull Quote, Did you Know, More Coverage, or If You Go within article text. These boxes are configured under the Settings > Editorial > Article > Related Content panel. 

Saved Searches: Search queries can now be saved and shared with other admin users and  be set as default searches on a per user basis. For example, a sports photo editor can set his search default to show images from the sports section.

Batch Editing: Batch editing is now an option to add/remove Sections and Keywords and to set asset start date and time.

Article Merge: Body copy for two or more assets can now be merged by selecting the articles and selecting New > Merged article.  The merge of these two article assets will create a new article asset.

Revision Management: The ability to view past revisions of assets has been added on the "Other" tab under the "Revisions" panel of the edit asset window. You can select a revision date and click “View.” This allows you to view the past version of the asset as well as create a new asset from that revision.

Asset Duplication: The ability to duplicate assets has been added by selecting the asset and clicking the "Duplicate" button.

Asset Locking: If User A is editing an asset, it will appear with a Lock icon next to it so User B will not be able to edit it and/or save it. Locks can be removed by force by selecting an asset and clicking "Unlock."

Article Asset Horizontal Rule: A button has been added to the WYSIWYG editor for article assets that allows for the insertion of a horizontal rule within your article.

Increased Article Text Size: An option has been added to the user menu (top right corner in admin) under Preferences > Rich Text Editors that will display the text for article assets in the admin as Normal, Large or Extra Large. This setting only affects the article in the admin view.

HTML Assets Edit Full Screen: Within the HTML asset edit window, an option has been added to view the code in full screen.


*Automatic user login upon registration: Previously, when a site user registered with a site they would then have to log in. This software change allows for a user to be auto logged in upon registration, thus eliminating a step.

*Article with Image Submission: Registered users now have the ability to submit an article with photo. The image will come into the system as a child asset of the article.

Gravatar Support: Gravatar is a free supplier of default avatars – the image users upload to represent themselves. Gravatar may be enabled in Settings > Users > Public Profiles. If enabled, user accounts that do not have avatars defined will automatically display Gravatar generated avatars instead. Users can choose to upload their own avatar, overwriting the one provided by Gravatar. They can also create an account on Gravatar and upload their avatar there.


Jobs: Processing Jobs have been renamed to simply Jobs. The panel has been revamped so that Jobs can have a title to distinguish them. Job scheduling has been removed as well, in favor of either setting a job to auto run every hour or initiating a job from an API request.

Section Tag Import/Export: Section tags can now be imported and exported from the Settings > Tags > Section panel. This allows for quick import of sections for sites within the same group that have similar sections.


URL Custom Properties: Each URL within the Settings > URLs panel now has a Custom Properties tab. These custom properties can be accessed and reacted to within the site’s templates.

Template Searching: Within the Design > Templates area of the admin, a Search box has been added that allows searching of CSS, JS, and Template files.

Save and Make Live Images: Images uploaded through the Design > Templates area,  now have an option to “Save and make live” for the image. Previously you would have to do a “Save and make live” for all templates.