Looking for another way to draw attention to classified ads, calendar events and business directory* listings? With our new Bulletins block, you can create themed "bulletin board" regions that stand out from the rest of your BLOX CMS site. It's a can't-miss upsell your advertisers will love.

Out of the box, the Bulletins block includes a selection of themes to help you promote different occasions and types of content. For example, you might configure one instance to display real estate classifieds with a picket fence theme, another with restaurants on a chalkboard theme, and another with local Fourth of July events on a patriotic background. (Over time, we'll introduce more themes, giving you even more exciting possibilities!)

When a user clicks an ad, they'll see a pop-up with supplemental info like a logos, maps and business details. Ads can even include a form to let customers contact advertisers without leaving your site.* And because users don't leave, they'll click more ads, keeping your advertisers coming back for more.

Once you've set up a Bulletins block, you can easily place it almost anywhere on your BLOX CMS site using our intuitive click-and-drag interface.

Sounds great! How do I get it?

The Bulletins block is FREE to BLOX CMS customers, and there are no listing fees. If your site is configured for automatic template upgrades, you already have access to it.** 

Need help? Contact TownNews.com customer support.

* Requires BLOX Business Directory. ** Sites using customized or non-standard templates may not have access to this feature.