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E&P Reports case study: Maximizing reader revenue with audience data

The Telegraph Herald team discusses how iQ Audience+ helped them create a dynamic paywall that converts browsers into subscribers.

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In this E&P Reports webinar (sponsored by TownNews), Mike Blinder, Publisher of Editor & Publisher magazine, explores how the Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA) surpassed their new digital subscriber goal by over 500% in just 30 days with iQ Audience+, and how they plan to turn these subscribers into new revenue opportunities.

iQ Audience+ gives you powerful new tools to lift your membership rolls and preserve advertising revenue, while boosting audience engagement.

The participants were:

  • Matt Connolly, Interactive Media Director, TH Media
  • Cindi Olsen, Classified Advertising Director, TH Media
  • Kate Rodenhaus, Director of Content and Data Programs, TownNews
  • Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker, Director of Audience, TownNews

Click here to watch the full webinar, or check out the highlights below.

Highlight 1: The importance of reader revenue

"Our current goal is to try and get our reader revenue to cover the expense of our newsroom in its entirety."

Highlight 2: Choosing the right pricing model

"I think the overarching idea, though, is that for most publishers to gain subscribers, you're going to have to restrict access in some way."

Highlight 3: The local news people crave

"Local news is a huge driver for subscriber conversions. It's premium. I mean, you're the only one generating this level of news, especially in these individual markets. I think local news is the most important thing."

Highlight 4: Dealing with ad blockers and private browsers

"We have the ability to display a hard paywall for anyone with an ad blocker,  prompting them just turn off ad blocking. You can continue for your free views, but that's an important piece of revenue for our partners and we want to make sure that we have calls to action to make sure that they turn it off."

Highlight 5: Digital revenue is your entire team's responsibility

"Everybody has to understand it, they have to own it, they have to know what their part is, and how they can help with reader revenue."

Highlight 6: The benefits of a smart, dynamic meter vs. a hard paywall

"Honestly one of the reasons we switched away from our previous vendor, without naming them, is that there were too many touches for our readers as they were going through the process. We needed to get it to a simple streamlined of a process to sign up as possible because we were finding the more clicks that are in that process, the more people we lost with along each step of that way."

Highlight 7: A successful launch of iQ Audience+

"We've been live on the new paywall for a couple months now and you know I did kind of expect a big jump at the beginning as people were taking advantage of our new offers and stuff like that, but it has not slowed at all. It's been fairly linear growth."

Highlight 8: The reader conversion funnel

"We're actually offering different deals to you as you move your way down. So when you're just that first couple visits, you get a fairly vague offer that's not as lucrative. But then once you hit that second level, all of a sudden you're getting a much more attractive offer."

Highlight 9: About iQ Audience+

"It's really a holistic view into how you're targeting your audience to convert new subscribers."

Highlight 10: Adjusting and experimenting

"We are experimenting with pricing models and, again, the iQ Audience+ piece allows me to be nimble."

Highlight 11: Advice for news organizations struggling with reader revenue

"They're very willing to pay for a digital subscription and just make it so you're showing value compared to what they're paying the same amount for with their Hulu, or their Netflix, or other digital services that that people pay for without a second thought."

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