's new syndication tool lets you import articles, images, videos and more from third-party RSS feeds and other BLOX CMS sites, making it fast and easy to enrich your publication with custom channels of high-quality content.

Content can be imported in its entirety or as a link to the original source, and you can pick individual items, or import an entire feed in one fell swoop. In all cases, canonical URLS are respected, so the originating publication reaps SEO gains when their work is reproduced or linked to from your site. Win-win!

Have a network of BLOX CMS-based sites? Use the syndication tool along with BLOX CMS site tags to build a secure, powerful content exchange hub.* Every exchange participant can choose what they push to the hub, and import only the content that fits their publication. It’s a great way to supplement home-grown content and boost traffic while retaining full editorial control.

And because canonical URLs allow link popularity to flow back to the original producer, all exchange participants benefit from sharing their work.

The syndication feature is available free of charge for most BLOX CMS customers. Contact customer support to have it added to your site today!

*Additional charges apply.