Are you running print display ads online? If not, you could be missing a huge upsell opportunity.

You know the routine, a customer schedules an ad on your site to be included in your next print cycle. The creative is finished. You have the run dates. It’s ready to go, right?

Not quite.

Take a step back and ask "what could we offer to improve this advertiser's campaign?" Well, let's consider the market:

  • Print advertising, while it remains a strong source for target markets, has slowly decreased over the past several years.
  • Online audiences continue to grow at a rapid rate, particularly with younger users.
  • Advertisers expect more from their campaigns in a digital age.
  • Retention is still just as important as making the initial sale.

So how do you maximize the reach of these ad campaigns? Bring them into the digital age. Placing your print display ads online is a powerful opportunity for your advertisers and for you.

Think this involves additional staffing and more work? Think again. With SearchBoost, it's easy!

SearchBoost converts your print ads into SEO-friendly online display ads. We extract the information from your ad files and even associate them with a BLOX Business Directory listing automatically. Your advertisers benefit from having their ad and business promoted online through their trusted local news site. This also gives you an opportunity to provide an upsell with the potential to generate significant revenue!

Ready to make those print display ads do double duty? Ask your sales representative about SearchBoost today.

Phil Pracht is the BLOX Business Directory and BLOX Classifieds product manager at