"Every day we are creating the digital imprint of KMA," stated Chuck Morris, information conductor at KMA Broadcasting.

But Morris and his team at KMA found creating that imprint wasn't easy. So, they turned to TownNews to launch a cutting-edge, user-friendly website. And in the fall of 2013, their new BLOX CMS powered website, KMAland.com, debuted.

"The staff at TownNews is willing to understand our challenges and questions. After seeing everything TownNews had to offer, we knew we had to go with BLOX CMS," said Morris.

Morris sees website design and content presentation as digital obstacles radio has to overcome.

"I think radio stations often struggle graphically—with a website, you suddenly have to write for the eye, not the ear," he said. "Displaying photos can be a challenge, but TownNews' image presentation modes help guide us on what will look good."

As information conductor, Morris oversees the news content delivered on KMA's broadcast airwaves, their website and on their social media platforms. KMA, founded in 1925, broadcasts a talk radio format on 960 AM and 99.1 FM. The stations simulcast news and information 24/7 out of Shenandoah, Iowa.

"Because of BLOX CMS, we are able to offer more timely content to our growing audience than ever before," said Morris. "We all know that in the business of news and information, the goal is to shrink the amount of time between an event taking place and having information (on that event) available to the viewers, and BLOX CMS gives us the opportunity to do just that."

KMA's website staff, who cumulatively post an average of twenty articles per day, rely on BLOX CMS to create, organize and post their online content.

"I'd recommend BLOX CMS to a colleague serious about upgrading their digital presentation," said Morris. "TownNews offers more than the cookie-cutter layouts you often see online."

The drop-and-drag design interface of BLOX CMS allows KMA to easily reformat their website's layout to meet their unique needs. They often use this function to change up their homepage to showcase current and popular topics.

"BLOX CMS is very flexible and allows us to easily redesign the look of our site. For example, on Friday nights our website is all about Friday Night Football—we cover 25-30 games so we have a lot of photos, scores and videos to share. With BLOX CMS, we can easily change our layout to highlight that coverage," explained Morris. "With our old system, we were tied to the provider for any changes. We had limited control over our formats, content, ads and overall look of the site."

According to Morris, the switch to BLOX CMS went smoothly for KMA's staff, listeners and site contributors.

"It’s amazing how fast the staff caught on to the system. There's a learning curve for sure, but it was an easy learning curve. And customer support was always there when we needed them," he said.

KMA has a multitude of community contributors who submit content to the site. Before BLOX CMS, the staff relied on faxes, emails and phone calls to receive their user-generated content. Now, their contributors can create accounts and submit their content directly through the site.

"We utilize a lot of user-generated content, and the move to BLOX CMS greatly simplified the process. Before, we had to manually upload our users' information, but now we have an easy online submission process,” said Morris. "This was a hugely successful change that saves us about an hour a day."

In addition to the user-friendly content management system, Morris praises TownNews' staff as a major benefit of partnering with the company.

"When you sign with TownNews, you get a project manager you can count on—they really make sure things look the way you want them to," said Morris.

"My experience with TownNews has been very positive, and I anticipate this relationship will continue for years to come." 

Paige Ruba (pruba@townnews.com) is a marketing specialist at TownNews.