The latest release of BLOX Ad-Owl, our classified ad order entry add-on for BLOX CMS, includes a bundle of features that make it more convenient for your users to submit, manage and renew ads.

A better user experience

No more starting from scratch when ordering an ad renewal. From the revamped user dashboard, your users can easily search through their expired and current Ad-Owl orders to choose an ad for renewal.

When an ad is selected for renewal, a new copy is created, allowing the user to update the ad and change run dates, while preserving the original ad order. You also have the option to require admin approval before an ad renewal goes live on your site.

Renewal reminders

Ad-Owl now has the ability to send automated email reminders when an ad is nearing expiration. Expiration alerts increase your users' convenience, and encourage them to extend their ads—generating revenue for you!

And customers don't have to re-enter their credit card info. Ad-Owl can reuse the credit card from the most recent transaction, making renewals painless.* (Users also have the option of entering a new credit card.)

Credit card form

The newest updates to BLOX Ad-Owl make creating, renewing and paying for ads more convenient than ever, helping you generate revenue from new ad sales and renewals. And if you have Ad-Owl, you already have access to these new features. (See the sidebar for links to release notes and docs.)

If you don't have Ad-Owl, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started.

*All credit card procedures with Ad-Owl are PCI compliant.