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Celebrate the very best of your community with a lucrative, turnkey Virtual Fair

Show off your area's blue ribbon arts & crafts, agriculture, and livestock—while generating brand new advertising dollars.

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Virtual County Fairs

The state or county fair is a yearly platform to showcase the best of your community—and it's critical to your local economy. But as COVID-19 rages, fairs (along with most other large gatherings) are being canceled, rendering years of preparation by hundreds of participating kids, adults, organizers, and local businesses fruitless.

Screenshot: Virtual Fairs

Virtual Fairs from TownNews comes with everything a local news organization needs to launch a high-traffic online festival.

Don't let their hard work go to waste! Celebrate the finest in local agriculture, livestock, arts and crafts—while generating new advertising dollars—with a turnkey Virtual Fair.

Local news organizations have always played a huge role in county, state, and regional fairs, highlighting the accomplishments of the folks who labor year-round for their moment in the spotlight.

Our Virtual Fairs package comes with everything you need to host a high-traffic online festival for your community:

Screenshot: Virtual Fair categories

Categories include arts and crafts, animals, and livestock.

  • A fair-themed header presentation with sticky navigation, and a customizable hero image, links, and titles.
  • Integrated programmatic advertising and targeted sponsorships.
  • Dedicated sections highlighting a variety of fair competition and exhibition categories, including arts and crafts, animals, and livestock.
  • "Fair royalty" profile pages give your local kings and queens a place to shine.
  • Virtual Fair info boxes with schedules, cancellation information, etc.
  • Trending fair news updates and stories from your newsroom.
  • Specialized search results highlighting fair submissions—with targeted ads.
  • Multimedia user-submitted pages with photo galleries and social sharing options.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for each category of competition or exhibition.

Best of all, a Virtual Fair is inexpensive and easy to set up. Go with one combined setup for all fairs in your coverage area or a dedicated section for each fair, the choice is yours.

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