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Five easy ways to improve your advertising results with BLOX CMS

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We’ve been busy adding new features and functionality to BLOX CMS. Our goal is to help our partners increase CPMs, improve viewability and comply with industry standards.

Here are five recently released features to try:

1. Auto-refresh ads: These ads, if enabled, refresh automatically on a timer when a user interacts with the page (such as scrolling down while reading an article). This ensures the ad impression is legitimate and the ad spot is viewable in the browser at the time it loads, improving viewability percentages.

2. Infinite sticky side rail ads: Sticky right rail ads "stick" to the page as the user scrolls down, ensuring that the content or ads in that region remain visible as the user reads the article. The Infinity Summary allows users to seamlessly scroll through all of the content in a section, automatically loading a summary of the next article in the section when a user nears the bottom of the page. By fusing these two technologies together, media companies are able to deliver higher viewability rates for potentially higher programmatic CPMs.

3. Responsive Google DFP size mapping: Display responsive ads sized appropriately for the viewer’s screen size from one ad block. Ads with the highest CPM are served and look suitable on desktop, tablets or mobile. Optimize ad management while increasing ad viewability and CPMs.  

4. Lazy loading: When enabled, BLOX DFP ad blocks will serve lazy loading ads only when the spot becomes viewable on a reader's device. Ads at the bottom of a page, for instance, serve when a user scrolls down the page. This feature is critical to improving viewability rates and increasing CPMs.

5. Sticky and anchor positions: Update ad layouts on desktop and mobile with new, high-viewability positions. Bottom anchor ads and in-image ads won’t interfere with content and work well on mobile devices. On desktop devices, take advantage of the sticky left-rail and right-rail ads, which move down the page as the reader scrolls.

For more assistance with any of these features, contact Customer Support. To learn more about future features as they are released, sign up to stay connected.

Connor Leighton is a Digital Ad Ops Specialist at TownNews.

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