TownNews iQ DMP program participants have access to massive amounts of data—data that can be used to create behavioral audience segments for targeting local and regional advertising campaigns. Behavioral targeting is a great way to raise CPMs, provide better ROI to advertisers and increase revenue.

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Have you tried selling or using behavioral audience segments in your local campaigns? Here are some of the things we have learned:

  1. Focus on a few types of campaigns or advertisers first. Consider starting with healthcare, finance, furniture, jewelry, HVAC or theaters.
  2. Mark up your first-party data. Keep in mind that your first-party data is free to use and can give huge value to your advertisers. Some publishers mark up the sales price by a $1-$5 CPM per targeted segment. Advertisers don't mind, since they're reaching a more profitable set of users.
  3. Use broad strokes. When you target larger audiences, campaigns often wrap up more quickly and produce better results. For example, consider targeting sports fans, rather than archery enthusiasts.
  4. Think outside the box. Put on your marketing cap to expand your reach. Brainstorm who would be interested, for example, in a physical therapy clinic, and target the types of behaviors that might apply to this audience. Not sure where to begin? TownNews can help set up audiences based on your use cases.
  5. Start small. Find one advertiser that is interested; then work with the iQ Ad Ops team to build a targeted campaign. Test it, learn, repeat and grow.

Ready to get started? We're here for you and ready to help you build your segments. Contact us at today!

Theresa Nelson is the Director of Business Development at TownNews.