What subscription model is right for your site? It's hard to choose among options such as metering, paywalls and Google Consumer Surveys (GCS). Luckily, with our Flex Templates you don't have to—you can integrate these options into one, easy solution.

By combining a paywall with metering and Google Surveys, you get the best of all worlds. This pairing allows you to monetize your anonymous and non-subscriber traffic while allowing unfettered access to your loyal subscribers—all while generating revenue for your site!

Paywall graphic

Follow these three easy steps to get the services up and running on your site:  

  1. Set up subscription services: Your site will need to restrict content using one of TownNews' subscription service options. Each subscription has a rule profile assigned to it which defines which content will be restricted.

  1. Turn on metering: Metering allows you to set a specific number of free content views before a user is required to subscribe. For example, you may allow site visitors 10 free articles before requiring a subscription to access more content.

    Once installed, the GCS code can be inserted and non-subscribing users will be served a Google Survey. Each time a user opens an article, the meter count increases—even when a Google Survey is answered.

  1. Deliver surveys: Now that everything is setup, users accessing their allotted free articles will be required to complete a Google Survey to receive the content in its entirety—earning additional revenue for your site that you may have missed out on with a hard paywall.

Additionally, BLOX has a paywall option that allows free viewing from outside sources like Facebook and Google search. Metering always allows access with this option, even if the user has reached their monthly limit of free views, giving you another opportunity to serve a Google Survey.

Need help? For more setup information click here or contact TownNews support today!

Rich Griffin is a product manager at TownNews in charge of all things paywall-related.