Known typically as "Remnant" or "Programmatic," the process of selling one's unsold inventory has become increasingly confusing, but ever important to a web publisher's success. The programmatic landscape can be daunting, with a variety of buzzwords, acronyms and complex terminology that may leave media organizations unsure of how to put their best foot forward.

Here are three quick solutions available to media outlets of all sizes to turn this unknown into a guaranteed, consistent revenue stream:  

Multiple ad partners

Web publishers tend to plug in a single ad partner, such as AdSense, and then forget about it. While AdSense is a quality partner, there are dozens of others that could give the publisher additional insight to help them choose the best partners that provide the highest revenue. Other ad networks include: Centro Brand Exchange, Google Ad Exchange,, Local Yokel, Adhance, OpenX and more!


Media organizations should devote an employee to managing the optimization of these different advertising partners. Rates vary every day and a specialized staffer will be able to ensure the highest CPMs possible. Things like site section, time of day, season and much more will cause variability in the CPMs paid to the publisher.

Audience targeting

Data is the name of the game in the programmatic landscape. The more user data a site collects, the more valuable that ad impression is. Web publishers can leverage this data into higher CPMs from national advertisers. The TownNews iQ program, our Data Management Platform (DMP) solution, allows publishers to gather information about their users for monetization in both local and programmatic advertising.

More and more advertising dollars are being spent in automated buying and selling marketplaces. The better positioned media organizations are to take advantage of this, the more likely they are to succeed in the future.

Wesley Farris is the TownNews iQ program manager.