MOLINE, Ill. –'s BLOX CMS now integrates with Camayak, a popular web-based workflow system. The combination allows's college media partners to manage their editorial workflows with Camayak, while Camayak customers gain access to's full suite of digital publishing and content management tools.'s digital publishing platform is used by more than 1,600 news and media organizations. Since launching its college program in 2010, has signed nearly 100 campus publications.

"Third-party integration is always tricky, but with Camayak’s impressive college media track record we felt this would be a beneficial asset to our company and customers," said Paul Wilson, regional sales manager and head of’s college program.  

The opportunity to develop an integration strategy came when the two companies joined forces on the website for Georgia Southern University's student paper, The George-Anne. The student editors there identified how helpful the integration of the two platforms could be in their day-to-day operations. The George-Anne launched its revamped website using's BLOX CMS last month.

"We know all about the satisfaction that delivers to their customers, and I've been looking forward to Camayak integrating with BLOX CMS for some time," said Camayak CEO Roman Heindorff. "We share the same goals in supporting the most successful journalism organizations in the country and we're going to see some excellent examples of the two services working in tandem to achieve that."

About Camayak:

Camayak is a browser-based system for newsrooms tracking their assignment collaboration in one place. Organizing editorial hierarchies, pitching, assigning and communication takes place inside Camayak, which publishes approved content to other platforms for audience and revenue development. Camayak works with over 5,000 student journalism students in the US and Europe.

About provides state-of-the-art online, publishing and revenue solutions. works with more than 1,600 news organizations, producing more than 1 billion ad impressions, and nearly three-quarters of one billion page views monthly. Member newspapers include dailies, weeklies, TV and radio stations, shoppers and specialty publications from groups and independents in all 50 states and Canada. is headquartered in Moline, Illinois.

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