At our March 2015 customer webinar, Christine Masters (director of product management) and Patrick O'Lone (director of software development) discussed ways to ensure that your BLOX CMS site and content are search-optimized.

Topics covered included:

  • Configuring your site for best SEO results.
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Writing searchable titles.
  • Keyword-tagging your content.
  • Attracting inbound links.
  • Juicing your SEO results with social media.

Below you'll find a couple of tidbits we plucked from the webinar to help you keep your site search-friendly. For more, pop some popcorn and watch today!

Tip 1: Keyword tag your articles

Carefully chosen keyword tags can boost SEO in many ways. In BLOX CMS, each keyword generates a link to a topic page, and each topic page will show a list of all content that has the same keyword tag.

BLOX CMS also feeds keyword tags to Google News as part of the news sitemap and Google News keywords.

Tip 2: Promote on social media

Any SEO expert will tell you that links figure heavily in Google's PageRank algorithm. The more relevant links to your content, the higher your PageRank will be. And increasing the "sharing" of content on social media websites can help attract links.

Our social media broadcast tools save time and effort by allowing you to post to Twitter and Facebook as you create . . . without ever leaving BLOX CMS!

For more on SEO in BLOX CMS, watch our March 2015 webinar today!

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