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Predictable video ad revenue—made easy!

Premium Video Network by TownNews is the high-engagement video solution that delivers guaranteed programmatic advertising revenue.

Premium Video Network

"We are very pleased with the program, especially the TownNews Premium Video Network which has added revenue that has essentially been found money for us."

Jerry Frear | Operations manager,

Jerry Frear speaks at TEDxWilliamsport in 2020. More:

A turnkey video player engages and drives revenue

Serve up contextually-relevant videos that add a lucrative new revenue stream while complimenting your existing content.

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High-traffic placements

The Premium Video Network player can be deployed both on your homepage and in-article to maximize results.

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Superior viewability

Our anchored video player delivers exceptional reader engagement on both mobile and desktop.

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Licensed pro sports

Capitalize on peak sports seasons with our direct-sold campaigns and official league content.

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Relevant video content

Our artificially intelligent player serves up contextually-relevant content that engages—without annoying—your visitors.

Watch your results skyrocket

The faster you sign up, the faster you’ll start earning. Check out the results one mid-sized media group realized just 30 days after launching on the TownNews Premium Video Network.*






Net revenue

Get off the programmatic roller coaster

Predictable advertising revenue without the hassle.

Digital programmatic can be a lucrative source of passive advertising income . . . if you have the expertise, training, and staff you need to constantly adjust to turbulent fill, yield, and CPM rates. And don’t forget the hassle of managing a revolving door of third-party ad vendors.

TownNews is here for you with a full range of innovative advertising solutions that eliminate the guesswork and help you deliver reliable, predictable revenue.

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The TownNews difference

TownNews is your turnkey path to premium, guaranteed digital programmatic advertising revenue.

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Guaranteed rates

Predictable income via guaranteed CPMs provided 20 days in advance of each month.

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Increased RPMs

Our super-fast, highly viewable video solution will boost the revenue generated with every pageview.

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Fast payment

We offer the best payment terms and turnaround—Net 30—in the industry!

New ad revenue, as easy as 1-2-3

Premium Video Network can be up-and-running and delivering new revenue for you in as little as three business days!**

  1. Complete the form to let us know that you want to add an easy new revenue stream to your site.
  2. Our team handles all the setup and implementation.
  3. Watch your new advertising revenue roll in!

Don’t wait! Sign up for the TownNews Premium Video Network today.

* Results based on anonymized real-world client data.
** For existing TownNews clients.

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