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Highlights for the week of March 25th, 2019

Create promotional buttons with the new "Utility: Promo Button"

Create useful buttons and text links with this week's new "Utility: Promo Button" block. Much like the "Utility: Promo Designer" block, the… Read more

Help users find places with a new map vendor, HERE Technologies

Today we are introducing a new alternative to Google Maps, from a company called HERE Technologies. The HERE platform does not require a cr… Read more

Detailed release notes for this week

BLOX Core Software Release - Tues., Mar. 26th @ 9:00 AM CDT

In this release of BLOX Core, we are tweaking several issues related to the recent launch of the BLOX Notifier product. Read more

BLOX Classifieds Software Release - Tues., Mar. 26th @ 10:00 AM CDT

In this release of BLOX Classifieds, we are making a few bug fixes related to feed processing, as well as making some back-end changes that… Read more

Flex Templates Software Release - Tues., Mar. 26th @ 2:00 PM CDT

In this major Flex Templates software release, we are adding several new features that will benefit local media organizations. We're adding… Read more

BLOX Syndication Software Release - Wed., Mar. 27th @ 9:00 AM CDT

In this minor BLOX Syndication software release, we are making a minor change related to poster previews. Read more

Additional BLOX Software Releases for the week of Mar. 25th, 2019

This week we are making infrastructure changes that should not be noticeable to admin or front-end users in the following software: Read more

EOL Notice: Removal of some fields from user profiles

In order to reduce spam and unnecessary data, we will be removing some fields from the User Profile pages and social utility blocks. Read more

Webinar recording now available

Webinar: Introducing BLOX Notifier: A new way to manage social and push notifications (Mar. 2019)

Webinar recording now available: At our March customer webinar, Christine Masters, director of product management at TownNews, introduced B… Read more

Quick tips and tricks

How to create an effective "call to action" button on your articles

Asking a reader to subscribe or sign up for an email at the bottom of an article is an effective way to convert users and move them up your acquisition funnel. Using the "Utility: Promo Button" block makes this easy! Read more

ICYMI: Setting up automatic publish rules in BLOX Notifier? Don't forget to do this.

BLOX Notifier was built with a "safety switch" that allows you to turn on and off automatic publication rules in case it was needed. Read more

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