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Highlights for the week of January 20th, 2020


Promote special content with the help of this new block

In this week's Flex Templates release, we are happy to introduce a new block, "Card: Promo boxes." This new block creates a thin row across the page of small items. On mobile devices, the strip can be moved with a touch to reveal additional items. Read more

Detailed release notes for this week

Flex Templates Software Release - Tues., Jan. 21nd @ 2:00 PM CST

In this major release of Flex Templates, we are adding a new block that creates small promotional thumbnails in a strip across the page. We are also releasing several items for the upcoming version of the BLOX Now app, and making performance improvements and fixing other issues. Read more

BLOX Calendar Software Release - Tues., Jan. 21nd @ 9:00 AM CST

This week we are making infrastructure changes that should not be noticeable to admin or front-end users. Read more

Quick tips and tricks


Customize items in the "Card: Promo boxes" block

The "Card: Promo boxes" block is a great way to create small promotional opportunities on your site. These promo boxes can use any type of asset to showcase great content. For example: Read more


ICYMI: How to customize columns in BLOX CMS

In most BLOX CMS applications, there are several columns which show information about content. By hovering over the column titles, you'll see a small arrow to the right of each column title. Clicking… Read more

Webinar recording now available


Webinar: New ways to supercharge revenue growth and master your data (January 2020)

Webinar recording now available: At our January webinar, we gave a sneak peek at two new data-powered solutions that will transform your digital growth in 2020: iQ Audience+ and Data Insights. Read more


Statement regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other US privacy laws

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a bill passed by the California State Legislature in 2018, which becomes effective on January… Read more

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