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Recent Software & Template Releases

In this major release of Flex Templates, we are adding several new design features and updates to improve our front-end experience. We are adding a new video icon style and emphasizing video icon behaviors, a new mobile-friendly grid, and a new utility region for e-Editions. In addition, the… Read more

In this release, we are making a few minor changes after a recent BLOX Now app software release, expected beginning October 26, 2021, to ensure the best possible user experience and performance of the applications. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact customer s… Read more

In this major new release of BLOX Core, we are adding the ability to create search-based, unlimited, automatically-updated collections called Dynamic Collections. We are also adding new functionality where certain designated URLs are able to be discovered in front-end site searches. And last… Read more

We are adding a huge new feature to our Collections asset: Dynamic Collections. This new collection gives you the ability to populate a collection based on search rules rather than manual selection. There are also several new presentation modes which will provide additional content display o… Read more

In this release we are adding more improvements to our One-Page Purchase workflow, including an AMP logout button, a new Promo Button block to promote membership offers outside of the paywall, and an improved workflow for readers who are trying to renew their subscription. In addition, there… Read more

Readers can now find, and purchase, specific photo content more easily. With this week's release, the "Buy now" button for photo sales will be included on photo assets that appear in site search results. For example, they may search for a specific sports team, see a list of images, and then … Read more

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