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Recent Software & Template Releases

In this major release of BLOX Core, we are adding a new tab in the asset editor to manage social metadata, a functionality to apply default images to sections, and a brand-new capability to create HTML templates for default user-related emails. In addition, there are several other bug fixes … Read more

BLOX Email Reach clients using automatically-triggered Breaking News or alert emails from the BLOX Notifier system will now be able to add their logo to those emails to enhance branding opportunities. These logos will replace the text-based header that currently exist within those email templates. Read more

In this release of Flex Templates, we are adding a new block, called "Utility: User Controls" to help take advantage of the one-page purchase workflow, and we are adding a new feature which allows sites to upload a site logo which can be included in breaking news emails. In addition, there a… Read more

In this Flex Templates software release, we are adding a paid recommendations in-article widget to Content Exchange articles, two new Utility Regions for 404 pages, and an option to show more than one section tag on asset cards. In addition, there are several other improvements and bug fixes. Read more

In this release we are making infrastructure changes to remove the Twilio library. This was previously used by our Whisper Number (call tracking) and SMS features, and is no longer supported. This change should not be noticeable to admin or front-end users. If you experience any issues or ha… Read more

In this release, we are adding new functionality to the Audience+ advanced paywall system, including a new feature called "Nag Mode" which allows you to make paywalls and registration walls dismissible. We are also adding new targeting parameters for our Google Ad Manager integration, and ad… Read more

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