The overline field allows you to type in a short phrase and choose a text color, background color and an icon. The new feature, available in this week's Flex Templates release, can be added to a majority of content blocks.

Overline settings

Great uses for this new feature include:

  • Informing users that an article is exclusive, updated, new or covering a certain topic.
  • Highlighting viral content or live blogs.

Icons that are available for use with the overline:

  • Clock icon
  • Fire icon
  • Video icon
  • Story icon
  • Gallery icon
  • Envelope icon
  • Broadcast icon
  • Microphone icon
  • Twitter icon
  • Facebook icon
  • Mobile icon

The feature is available on these blocks:

  • Card: Blog
  • Card: Feature
  • Card: Grid
  • Card: Headline List
  • Card: Mosaic
  • Card: Showcase
  • Card: Summary
  • Card: Top Story List
  • Card: Updates
  • Editorial: Full Article

Read the detailed release notes here.