In this release of BLOX Core, we are adding functionality to the User Accounts system, to help manage and control users on the site. These additions include a lockout for user accounts and the ability to view a logged-in user's remote IP address.

Account lockout after several failed login attempts

Locked account

Administrators can now unlock user accounts if necessary.

Users that attempts to login more than six times with continued authentication failures (other errors do not count) will be temporarily locked out for 30 minutes. A user can use the the "forgot password" feature or try again after 30 minutes. Site administrators can also clear a locked account flag by going to the User Accounts admin. Go to BLOX CMS -> Menu -> Community -> User Accounts -> Edit User -> Authentication -> Unlock account.

Tracking a user's IP addresses for security

Remote IP address

A user's remote IP address is now recorded in the "login sessions" panel.

A user's IP address is now recorded for security purposes. This can be used to block users who do not follow the terms of service. Administrators can view the user's IP address for each logged-in session via the User Accounts application -> Edit user -> Authentication -> Show login sessions. An IP address can be blocked by going to User Accounts -> Application settings -> Signup blocking rules, and then entering the IP address range in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation.

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Read the detailed release notes here.