In this release of BLOX Ad Manager, we are making some improvements and fixing some issues related to video ads.


  • We are updating the icons in BLOX Ad Manager to match the new BLOX admin UI. (ADMANAGER-755)
  • When using a native BLOX Ad Manager video ad, there was a link that says "visit this sponsor for details" which links to the ad's URL. That has now been slightly reduced in font size. (ADMANAGER-765)


  • Poster images for video ads were not properly showing in Safari, but this has now been fixed. Also, we are removing the preload="metadata" option as this is interpreted as an automatic download instruction to some browsers (which inflates bandwidth and load times). (ADMANAGER-753)
  • Video ads in BLOX Ad Manager were not working properly if they were assigned to a specific section. This has now been fixed. (ADMANAGER-756)