In this release of BLOX Ad Manager, we are fixing a few issues related to ad tracking and video ads. In addition, there are a few bug fixes as well.


  • The interface mechanism that allows an ad to be connected to a business in the Business Directory will now only show edited or featured businesses. (ADMANAGER-711)
  • In some cases, the tracking beacon used to track ads in Email Reach was showing as a broken image. We have now added a class to it so that it can be targeted and hidden. (ADMANAGER-726)


  • In some cases, the tracking click tag was generated incorrectly in some browsers. This has been fixed. (ADMANAGER-772)
  • Video ad poster images should now show correctly in Safari with newer iOS phones. (ADMANAGER-773)
  • We've fixed an issue related to how pre-roll ads in ROS sections were being tallied. (ADMANAGER-776)