In this release we have added the ability to upload and convert PDFs into coupon assets, a key feature of BLOX Offers. In addition, we are making several improvements and fixing a few issues as well.


  • We have added the ability for blocks to query for a specific keyword.  (CLASSIFIED-1390)
  • We are adding the ability to disable parsing location information from the ad body content. This option is currently unavailable in the new job panel and blocks classifieds jobs in the old job panel from migrating. (CLASSIFIED-1452)


  • We have now added the ability for PDF jobs to be created in the "Jobs" panel, in Application settings, of the Classifieds Application.  (CLASSIFIED-1360)
  • Admin users can export a CSV of RETS query results based on a map configured for that RETS profile. (CLASSIFIED-1373)
  • Customers who have BLOX Offers can now convert their PDFs into coupon assets via a feed. (CLASSIFIED-1456)


  • The price should now be properly extracted in more cases when being parsed by BLOX Classifieds. (CLASSIFIED-1421)
  • When existing child assets were not updated by a job, they would be expired on import. This has been fixed. (CLASSIFIED-1493)
  • An issue interfering with RETS job process that occurs when different mappings in the same profile map different fields to "status" has been corrected. (CLASSIFIED-1499)