In this release, we are adding a new "enlarge" preview capability to the editorial admin interface. We are also making changes to the "reset start time" workflow feature, and adding Facebook persistent login functionality, as well as many other improvements and bug fixes.


  • New GTM dimensions are being added to collect activities related to user login activity. We will be using the BLOX Internal Source dimension to track when a user logs in (#tncms-source=login), when they sign up for a new account (#tncms-source=signup) and when they log out (#tncms-source=logout). (TNCMS-5482)
  • The “reset start time” feature in Workflow processes is being improved to deal with a specific edge case. If it is checked, if the article is scheduled to go live at a future time, then that time will be honored. However, if the schedule start time is less than the current time when the asset reaches the ready for web checkpoint, then its start time will be set to the current time. (TNCMS-7064)
  • In order to make images more viewable within the BLOX CMS editorial admin, we are now adding an "enlarge" feature in the results panel. When mousing over an image preview, the cursor will switch to a magnifying glass, indicating that the image can be enlarged. Clicking on it will open a large preview of the image, which can then be closed when viewing is complete. (TNCMS-7669)
  • We have added support for the BETA Facebook account linking process to allow subscribers with Facebook accounts to get access to content in order to drive engagement and be logged in seamlessly. There is a new configuration panel added to the User Accounts application in the settings under the Authentication accordion panel called Facebook Persistent Login. Within this panel, the Facebook App Secret can be added. Right now, as a BETA Facebook feature, this is only available to specific publishers who are working with Facebook to test this feature. It may be available more widely at a later time. (TNCMS-7593)


  • When checking whether or not a screen name is available, we are switching to a method provided by the comments application to determine whether a screen name is available for use by newly created user accounts. (TNCMS-6056)
  • The VAST parameter has now been standardized in the BLOX Core driver by documenting it on the render() method and by also sanitizing the input to always be a HTTPS URL if provided. This parameter still needs to be added to some video drivers. (TNCMS-7508)
  • We are removing out-of-date phone types from the "view size" preview drop down in the Block Editor. (TNCMS-7671)
  • The message on the admin login that said, "Please note that if your last password change was prior to 10/29/20, a password reset is required to access BLOX. Click ‘Forgot Your Password’ to reset." has been removed as it is no longer necessary. (TNCMS-7677)
  • The screen name and auth token cookies have been made into "SameSite=none, Secure" mode in order to improve the visibility of these cookies for purposes of iQ Audience+ functionality. (TNCMS-7712)
  • The log tracking system is improperly passing the parameter for a referrer, thus causing some Real Estate listings to not properly record their referrer. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7735)
  • Duplicate stories were being delivered from cms.stats.most_viewed. Internally, it should filter UUIDs that are duplicates instead of filtering them out in the template layer. Once this change is delivered, templates will update the Most Popular blocks to remove the code that does template-side de-duplication. (TNCMS-447159)
  • As part of our work to reduce unneeded data and provide more data privacy, we are removing some user fields that are no longer in use from non-admin profiles, such as birthday, birthday visibility, gender visibility, home town and social fields. (TNCMS-6794)
  • We've added the ability to add a "group" when provisioning a Data Insights installation. This will be used in a future version of Data Insights. (TNCMS-7486)


  • Related links will now be maintained when using the BLOX Syndication tool. (TNCMS-7386)
  • A user account with a screen name in the format of an email address but differing from the account email address was preventing the persistence of a front-end login session. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7485)
  • When BLOX CMS switched to automatic robots.txt file generation, search controllers were added as a hard block on all ? search pages to avoid crawlers wasting time scraping them. Unfortunately, this blocked some previously functioning cases where RSS feeds were delivered to bots that use robots.txt as a deciding factor. To correct this issue, the search controller shall remove adding queries from the robots.txt file block list. It will also ensure that X-Robots-Tag appear on regular searches (not RSS) to continue to provide the same blocking of indexing prior to the removal (though not as efficient as the robots.txt block). (TNCMS-7672)
  • When creating BLOX Notifier messages in Total CMS, you can now specify a time when the messages are sent, as long as it is after the asset's start time. Previously you could only send messages when the asset went live. (TNCMS-7676)
  • The customization builder UI for image customizations no longer offers "Max width" and "Max height" as they have been removed from the system and are no longer needed. (TNCMS-7685)
  • In some cases, the BLOX-to-BLOX syndication process would mix a web-ready image crop with a high-res image, which did not work correctly with the cropping coordinates. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7686)
  • The external support for iQ Audience+ is currently relying on the browser passing referrer to the page to the <iframe>, but many sites no longer allow this for security reasons. The iQ Audience+ system will now instead pass in the data it needs to the <iframe> and not rely on it being passed by other means. This affects the host and URL criteria rules in particular. (TNCMS-7694)
  • The BLOX CMS fast syndication method was calling $this->setPresentation() when a custom presentation mode is set, but that method does not exist and so causes the collection asset to not syndicate in this event. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7725)
  • In iQ Audience+, when access methods are saved in the admin UI (such as custom JavaScript), the hidden data type appears to be converted to a string version of the number. This causes the front-end's JS library to not compare properly which results in the access method not being returned. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7756)
  • In some edge cases, creating a new dashboard in Data Insights would cause an error. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7763)