In this major BLOX Core software update, we are adding support for emojis in BLOX Notifier, improving author support on BLOX-to-BLOX syndication jobs, and adding additional functionality to improve our Data Insights and Audience+ products. In addition, there are many other minor updates and bug fixes as well.


  • Emojis are now supported in BLOX Notifier. First, place your cursor on the text field where you'd like to add the emoji. Then use the emoji picker that exists in many modern operating systems. Simply use the built-in Windows 1- emoji picker┬áby pressing the Windows button and the period button together on your keyboard. On a Mac, get the emoji picker by pressing cntrl-command-space to get the built-in keyword. Then, choose your emoji and it will be added to the text field. Emojis will work with the BLOX Now app and many other external applications, but may not be supported with all systems. If you will be sending emojis frequently, you may want to create a channel and include only the targets that support emojis. (TNCMS-7322)
  • In BLOX-to-BLOX syndication jobs, the source site will now send author information through the syndication process. If an author with the same email on the destination site exists, we will add the author to the incoming content on the destination site as well. This way, authors can be preserved across syndicated sites if desired. (TNCMS-7164)
  • Additional permissions are now available under the Data Insights permissions tree to allow for more granular control over who can see which dashboards. (TNCMS-7296)
  • We have created a new Settings panel under Data Insights that will allow customers to include Google Ad Manager data from their own accounts. This should be coordinated with customer service if you would like to do this. More information can be found on our help site. (TNCMS-7350)


  • The Editorial API web service previously had a "url" property which would display the canonical URL of the asset. With syndicated content, this canonical of the asset may not be on the current site, so this may not be useful to external systems trying to use the API (and could even cause them to not work properly). To address this, we are now going to use the asset's BLOX url for the "url" property, and we are adding a new property called "canonical" to pass through the canonical URL if needed. (TNCMS-7423)
  • We now support requesting and receiving key user properties over the Attribute Exchange in the OpenID 2.0 federated authentication provider set up. Only those properties used for auto-signup features will be requested (email and screen name). (TNCMS-7381)
  • "Teaser" and "cover art" options are now communicated view our Editorial API web service. (TNCMS-7424)
  • Custom data that has been added to assets will now be available in our Editorial API web service. (TNCMS-7384)


  • In the BLOX -> Community -> User accounts application, pending users who have not yet verified their email address have "(pending)" listed next to their account type. If you want to help them by approving the account for them (so that email verification is no longer needed), you can click on the account and then the "Approve" button. Now you are able to select several users at once, and the "Approve" button will approve all of them. (TNCMS-7373)
  • Since specification of a screen name during signup is no longer required by BLOX CMS, auto-signup can be made available to more providers such as Google and Facebook. (TNCMS-7395)


  • Some images uploaded via Dropbox to the Media Library were not working properly. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7093)
  • In some situations, syndication was not preserving the "photo sales" status of images. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-7388)
  • In some edge cases, using the "forgot password" feature causes the system to forget a user's last viewed page. This is now fixed, and they should be able to easily return to the previous page they were reading after re-setting their password. (TNCMS-7400)
  • The Facebook login process no longer returns to us the user's email address and name by default. These and other fields are now being specifically requested. Additionally, the {{verified}} user field has been declared deprecated by Facebook. Along with these other changes, use of the v3.0 Graph API (supported until July 28th, 2020) will be replaced with v7.0 (supported until at least 2022). (TNCMS-7422)