In this BLOX Core release, we are significantly changing and improving the workflow of BLOX Notifier default messages. In addition, we are adding several fixes related to remote videos and how they work with Field59 VMS assets.


  • With this release, we have made a significant improvement to our BLOX Notifier platform. First, we have changed the way BLOX CMS handles the Message and Title fields. The headline on articles will now populate in the Message field, leaving the Title field for labels such as Breaking News and Featured. This was requested by many sites and makes the functionality more in line with how other notification systems operate. Second, we have fixed the bug where the Title field would not remain blank. You can now leave this empty if you do not want bold lead-in text. (TNCMS-7171)
  • The following flags have been added to the video asset: Alert, Breaking, Developing, Top story, Urgent, and Weather alert. (TNCMS-7174)
  • A new API is available for Save-to-List functionality (or bookmarking assets). These items are now available in a reader's User Dashboard. In the future, we will use this API to add a user's saved items to the BLOX Now app and the OTT applications as well. (TNCMS-7214)
  • MRSS feeds now have better support for some remote video asset types. (TNCMS-7225)
  • Video duration information will now be stored in the video asset for Field59 VMS remote videos. This will be needed for future applications. (TNCMS-7229)


  • Site admins will now be logged into the front end automatically when they click on "View front page." If order to view the front end anonymously, they can click on "View front page anonymously." Note, however, that this second option won't log you out if you were previously logged in. (TNCMS-6741)
  • When a channel in BLOX Notifier is deleted, it will now delete all pending messages tied to that channel. (TNCMS-7015)
  • The titles in URL feature have been improved so that the URLs are more readable and user friendly. Previously, numeric values were removed from URLs in order to reduce elements that may change over time, however, this lead to confusion in some cases. So, these are now being added back in for assets created in the future. Secondly, apostrophes were previously being replaced with a dash in the URL, leading to weird single "s" characters (such as the-obama-s-hosue). Now, an apostrophe will simply be omitted to make this more readable (such as the-obamas-house). In cases where the URL is still confusing or not user friendly, site editors can go to Other -> URL Title and create their own "title" which will be used in the URL and which will not change as the asset's headline changes. (TNCMS-7217)
  • External ID properties will now be exposed in a read-only field in the Other tab on assets. (TNCMS-7264)
  • When using a link asset with BLOX Notifier, the push notification will now open up the link URL for that link asset. (TNCMS-7269)


  • The BLOX Notifier application now works properly when used with Internet Explorer. (TNCMS-7165)
  • A remote video URL from which duration cannot be extracted will no longer result in an "Unable to find video information" message due to an exception thrown from the video libraries when a duration of zero is passed back up from the remote video provider. (TNCMS-7267)
  • An edge case has been fixed involving the site's base HREF when it does not follow the site's HTTPS rules. (TNCMS-7314)