In this major release of the BLOX CMS core software, we are launching a new application called BLOX Notifier, which streamlines and manages social and push notifications from a single location. In addition, we are revamping the look and feel of the BLOX CMS user interface (UI), changing the color scheme and adding a few additional features to quickly change between applications. There are also improvements for BLOX Photo Sales, web services, the Block Library, and more!

New BLOX Notifier application streamlines social and push notifications

BLOX CMS admin receives UI refresh and new fast-access menu

  • The BLOX CMS admin has a new, refreshed user-interface that focuses on improved performance, and fewer graphics and gradations. There is a new fast-access navigation menu which can be pinned for quick application switch. The bottom bar that contained "view" options has been removed to give more space for content and tools. Those options are now available under the "active site" panel at the top of the page. (TNCMS-3643)

Other features

  • There is a new query rule for "photo sales," so an admin can create a block of images and ensure all of them are marked as being available for sale. This query rule only works for images. In addition, it is also now possible to do a search on the front end and specify "&ps=1" to ensure that all images in the search results are able to be sold with BLOX Photo Sales. (TNCMS-6094)
  • Our webservice documentation now uses OpenAPI 3.0.1. It can be found here: (TNCMS-6165)
  • It is now possible to search the Block Library map in the BLOX Block Editor by URL map name. Simply type: map:NAME (where name is the URL map name) into the Block Library (i.e. type map:flexsystem). (TNCMS-6463)


  • The TownNews icon on the login screen has been updated to remove the .com. (TNCMS-6483)
  • App notifications in the BLOX Now App will now "live" for 24 hours. This setting determines how long the notifications will live when the application is offline. Previously the time was 1 hour. (TNCMS-6524)


  • The web-services used by the Adobe InDesign and Adobe InDesign clients with BLOX Total CMS failed to use Author information when searching with saved searches. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-6451)
  • Push notifications coming from the Broadcast or BLOX Notifier application will no longer show paragraph tags in some edge cases. (TNCMS-6469)
  • The "state" field can now be removed on the asset location tab. (TNCMS-6481)
  • An article paragraph that has been entirely marked as a "note" will sometimes generate paragraph tags that are empty. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-6492)
  • It was previously not possible to delete a URL map that was only named with numbers (such as 123). This has been fixed. (TNCMS-6512)
  • The "Further information about webservices" link on the web service keys settings panel now works properly. (TNCMS-6523)
  • Blocks will no longer allow a query rule of "asset type" that is not set to anything. (TNCMS-6527)
  • Manually exporting and importing an article asset containing inline notes and child assets will no longer remove the inline notes and child assets upon import to the destination site. (TNCMS-6538)
  • Searches in the site tag manager will no longer produce an error when there are no results. (TNCMS-6549)
  • The "publish immediately" option was not working properly with the "post-by-email" option. This has now been fixed. (TNCMS-6550)
  • Adding multiple inline assets to an article's content one at a time was resulting in the inline presentation mode not being selectable for all but the most recent add until the article was saved. This has now been fixed. (TNCMS-6558)
  • An issue has been fixed relating to the ability to export user accounts to a CSV file from the "Community -> User Accounts" area. (TNCMS-6580)