In this major new BLOX Core release, we are adding a new application called the BLOX Media Library, which helps you manage your use of site graphics, re-usable images and other binary files. In addition, we are adding support for app-ads.txt, improving our batch editing process, and many other major improvements and bug fixes.


  • We are adding a new application, BLOX Media Library, to help manage static binary files. (TNCMS-6497)
  • As part of our effort to streamline user experience, we have removed the requirement for a user to create a username during registration. This is currently only for the backend and webservices. A future Flex Templates release will provide the ability to implement this for user registration on your site. (TNCMS-6628)
  • To make it easier to use the BLOX photo sales feature, a new search field parameter called "Photo Sales" has been added with options of "Any, Enabled, Disabled". By using this, you can easily search for photos that are either enabled or disabled for sale and do batch edits on them. In addition, a new hidden-by-default column has been added to the search grid, titled "Photo Sales" that will show at a glance if a particular asset has that feature on or off. You can add the new column by hovering at the right end of any column, clicking the drop-down and checking the Photo Sales column to display it. (TNCMS-6678)
  • We have implemented an app-ads.txt file that will be served up when requested by an external service to help fight inventory fraud on native apps. The app-ads.txt file serves the same file as is used for ads.txt, so any directives you want to add specific to apps can just be included in the same file. Note that the app-ads.txt set up requires that your domain name is properly listed in your app store's meta data, so crawlers are able to extract the URL for an app from the app store, and then derive the app-ads.txt path from there. For more information, see IAB's page: (TNCMS-6688)
  • The following tags have been added to the table asset, so it can be better used for alerts and other news needs: Alert, Breaking, Developing, Top story, Urgent and Weather alert. (TNCMS-6791)


  • When creating a new topic in the BLOX Notifier application, it will now be instantly available with no app refresh needed. (TNCMS-6415)
  • When setting up a webhook for use in the BLOX Notifier application, the "event" you need to select in the webhook set up will now be "Notifier: Push" instead of "Social Broadcast: Push." (TNCMS-6557)
  • We are fixing an issue related to BLOX Notifier where some UTM strings were not managed correctly. This should now be fixed, making these items easier to find in Google Analytics. (TNCMS-6700)
  • In BLOX Notifier, this corrects an issue where if you do not manually save a message as a draft before attempting to publish it an error was thrown. (TNCMS-6940)
  • There were some edge cases where a BLOX Notifier message may be sent to an individual user more than once. We are addressing this issue with this fix. (TNCMS-6943)


  • "Mass" batch updates (which handle search results rather than just 25 selected assets), will now run every 1 minute in order to decrease the impact it had on short-term small batch updates which happen during typical workload times. Additionally, the number of tasks that can be handled by the system at once has been increased. (TNCMS-6764)
  • When uploading photos via the "batch uploading" process within the BLOX CMS admin, the slug name of an image will now be set to the image's file basename the same way it does in a single batch upload. (TNCMS-6766)
  • We have fixed an issue where batch editing a previously batch edited asset would throw an error. (TNCMS-6736)
  • Corrected a permission issue with batch editing that was causing some users to be unable to execute batch edits. (TNCMS-6739)
  • This fix corrects an issue where all possible section tags were returned for a batch edit rather than just the section tags applicable to the assets in the batch edit. (TNCMS-6754)
  • Corrected an issue where setting a different value for photo sales in the batch edit window would not actually update the assets. This is now working as expected. (TNCMS-6738)
  • Corrected an issue in the batch edit process that caused setting a workflow to none would not reset the workflow. (TNCMS-6743)
  • This release corrects an issue where if a group of assets was batch uploaded, then batch edited, the edits would fail without notification. (TNCMS-6833)


  • The webhook has been added to the "user" web service to notify the end point of user logouts. This may help the integration with some external services. (TNCMS-6620)
  • Made some improvements in the webservice documentation API to allow for complex object return types per the OpenAPI 3 spec. (TNCMS-6757)
  • An issue with the user/get front-end webservice has been corrected. The webservice query will now return the correct last auth time of the user. (TNCMS-6608)
  • Webservice key management app will no longer be present on appliances. (TNCMS-6780)


  • This features adds a new page module to create links with all proper elements. The module provides the following syntax:, href, hreflang, media, rel, sizes, type). Example:'href':'[',|] 'rel': 'dns-prefetch'). (TNCMS-6262)


  • We made some improvements with regard to admin user database integrity. (TNCMS-6334)
  • We are making a change in the BLOX CMS mobile admin to ensure that any user is compatible with the alert mechanism that guarantees an open article gets unlocked when the user navigates away from it. An update to the mobile browser may be necessary to use the BLOX CMS mobile admin. (TNCMS-6430)
  • As part of an optimization process, we are introducing a hard limit of 250 child assets for any given parent asset. (TNCMS-6635)
  • Our domain-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) rules will now see domain variations as equivalent, such as versus (TNCMS-6653)
  • We have removed the post-upload PDF optimization process to remove the potential for error in PDFs. Please ensure your uploaded PDFs are optimized before uploading. (TNCMS-6751)
  • As part of the migration to our new editorial importer system, the ability for users to create new jobs in the legacy "jobs" system has been removed. (TNCMS-6823)
  • Dropbox integration will now load asynchronously within the BLOX CMS admin. (TNCMS-6824)
  • This release allows m3u8 videos to be played and created like other video types. (TNCMS-6837)
  • The "forgot password" email can now support HTML, which means the "forgot password" reset link will work better for many customers. This also allows for future branding updates. (TNCMS-6955)


  • Some edge cases were identified where the HTML editor would actually break code that was valid during the "tidy" process. These issues have been addressed. (TNCMS-6586)
  • A bug dealing with how saved searches leveraging a block's settings worked has been corrected and those saved searches will now return the proper search results. (TNCMS-6599)
  • The table asset will no longer throw an error when saved without tabular data. (TNCMS-6656)
  • For sites with a large number of Facebook pages that are connected to the site, we have added the ability to show a scroll bar to the list so that all accounts can be viewed and interacted with. (TNCMS-6687)
  • There was an issue with the print-only flag where it was not working correctly when searching within the admin. This has been fixed. (TNCMS-6713)
  • With this we fixed an issue in the forgot password workflow were the user was not taken appropriately to the referrer URL of the page they were on when requesting the password reset. (TNCMS-6759)
  • The Post-By-Email feature will create a new article in BLOX CMS when it receives an email from a specialized address. On TotalCMS, it took up to 15 minutes for the email to be created, and this has now been reduced to only one minute. (TNCMS-6761)
  • Corrected an issue where admin users could delete users in groups to which the original admin users did not belong. (TNCMS-6771)
  • Fixed an issue where an asset imported as a link via pull syndication had its list of origin sites discarded. This resulted in an infinite syndication loop when the source and destination sites have a bidirectional syndication relationship. (TNCMS-6779)
  • Corrected an issue where an error message was not given when an asset without a title was trying to be saved. (TNCMS-6783)
  • The Post-by-email BLOX CMS service will now on honor the default "disable photo sales" setting. (TNCMS-6805)
  • Changed the email address that an error message comes from when no email address is set. (TNCMS-6808)
  • Corrected an issue where confirmation was not asked for when deleting a site map. (TNCMS-6821)
  • Corrected an issue where a child asset was created in the related tab was no longer retaining its correct source application. (TNCMS-6964)
  • To improve some performance issues with logins and forgot password links, we are passing the referrer policy HTTP header on these and other pages. (TNCMS-6967)
  • The ordering of related assets will be better preserved during the asset syndication process. (TNCMS-546549)