In this major new release of the BLOX Now App, we are adding functionality to help you customize and enhance your native news application. We've added new block types, new designs, additional revenue opportunities, and even further integration with the BLOX interface.


  • Menu sub-title customization has been added for the Privacy Policy Titles and Terms of Use Labels. (NOWAPP-339)
  • Sticky ads are now supported on the home asset feed as well as on the webkit/article pages. The ad unit supports the following sizes: 300x50, 300x100, 320x50, 320x100, 728x90. (NOWAPP-330)
  • A full-screen launch ad position has been added. (NOWAPP-287)
  • Video casting capabilities have been added for Android and IOS through chrome-casting and airplay. (NOWAPP-327, NOWAPP-328) 
  • The back button functionality has been updated in the "more" section pages to mimic the back button behavior on the article pages. (NOWAPP-323)
  • Settings have been updated to include a link to the notification channel settings and a weather zipcode override. This allows you to customize your weather experience in the app. (NOWAPP-322)
  • Topic rules have been updated to add flexibility in the navigation for external links or pages that did not meet the "Topic" rule criteria. (NOWAPP-321)
  • We have added search in the app so you can search by keyword and also utilize advanced search rules to find desired content. (NOWAPP-319) 
  • The arrows in the pinned content section have been updated for easier navigation. (NOWAPP-318)
  • Additional customizations have been added for "Topic", "More" and "Info" subtitles in the menu (NOWAPP-317)
  • The ability to control the Back Button, Share icon, Share text, Home Button, and Heart color scheme has been added. (NOWAPP-316)
  • We have added the ability to turn on a promo page and a login screen in the app that recognizes web subscription services. (NOWAPP-352
  • Volume control has been added to the video players for pre-roll. (NOWAPP-313)
  • Current Weather, Hourly Weather, 7 Day and Weather Alerts card styles have been added in this release. (NOWAPP-312)
  • A "Portrait" card style has been added to allow a unique display of photos in the BLOX Now app that differentiates from the main feature card. (NOWAPP-310)
  • The app now includes flags on editorial asset cards triggered from BLOX article pages. (NOWAPP-288) 
  • A Vertical Card has been added that allows automated control over the presentation of photos to combat cropping issues. (NOWAPP-279)
  • A Live Stream alert banner has been added with the ability to customize the alert banner and text colors. (NOWAPP-39)


  • Google is sun-setting the Google Services Legacy SDK for non-GA360 Customers in October. We will continue to service GA360 Accounts with the current method of analytics. The update for non-GA360 customers will be Firebase/GTM. TownNews Customer Service sent out documentation to customers outlining the process for the new analytic solution for Google Analytic non-360 customers. (NOWAPP-289, NOWAPP-340)


  • The share function will now work when arriving at an article from a push notification. (NOWAPP-341)
  • Share link hotpot had been corrected on article pages. (NOWAPP-259)
  • Preserving X-headers throughout the app will eliminate double headers from displaying after a user logs in to the app. (NOWAPP-350)