This update includes several behind the scenes improvements and small bug fixes to improve the performance of the app. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact customer support at (800) 293-9576 or


  • This fix adds the POS targeting capabilities for the launch_ad for IOS applications. (NOWIOS-92)
  • Error handling has been added to handle the web service returning deleted or expired assets for Continue Watching for IOS applications. (NOWIOS-96)
  • This fixes ad deployment using assets as the GAM Ad Interval Display. When using a multi-block set-up in the Topic feed, this bug prevented the banner_ad from deploying in the Topic Feed in IOS applications. (NOWIOS-102)


  • Additional analytics for weather have been added: (NOWIOS-85) (NOWANDROID-48)
    • Weather Card:
      • Category - "weather"
      • Action - "weather_card"
      • Label – (weather_hourly, weather_current, weather_week, etc.)
    • Weather Icon:
      • Category - "weather"
      • Action - "weather_icon"
      • Label - Blank
  • The weather WebKit view has been updated when accessed from the Weather Card and the Weather Icon to use the ArticleDetailViewController. (NOWIOS-87) (NOWANDROID-48)