This week, we are releasing the newest version of the BLOX Now App, with new features including a headline card style, as well as bug fixes.


  • A new headline card style for simple stacked stories: A style choice has been added to the BLOX Now App summary block. This will allow the choice between a featured display block (the standard image that has always been available) and a new headline list style. (FLEXBLOX-6855, NOWAPP-280)


  • Better support for e-Editions: The e-Editions were being impacted by the domain matching rule causing e-Editions to open in a webkit. Expected browser behaviors were not reflected in webkit view such as rotation on device, etc. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6797)

  • Single Image not firing in Safari: The overlay popup for images was not working correctly in Safari for inline images. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6895)

  • Subscription script bug: URL redirects were not working for the subscription script. This has been updated and deployed for all sites. (FLEXBLOX-6871)

  • Field 59 Video Update: Video is now being passed as native video in the app instead of viewing video as remote video assets. (FLEXBLOX-6858)

  • Sound for Push Notifications - IOS: There is now a sound notification along with the message on IOS devices. (TNFW-864)

  • App push notifications now “live” for 24 hours (previously it was one hour). (TNCMS-6524)

  • There was an edge case where paragraph tags were showing on Push Notification Messages. This has now been fixed. (TNCMS-6469)

  • More information has been added to the user agent so ads deploy on article pages. (NOWAPP-290)

  • User Agent / Rate Limiting Errors for BLOX Now APP: "No Content Available” error on IPAD devices was do to the user agent not fetching on initial json feed. This was resulting in the original feed pulling stale URLs. This has been added the initial json feed so this error does not occur. (FLEXBLOX-6343)


  • Captions being cut-off for images in full screen mode: Single image captions and Gallery Image captions have been adjusted to fit on device screen. (NOWAPP-278)

  • Link+Asset Title being measured in Native App Analytics for IOS: An update to screen view analytics is in place to capture all link+asset titles while swiping from article to article. This was already being captured for Android. (NOWAPP-253)

  • Error Code Messaging: In the app, “No content available” was the error message display for all errors. This is updated to display the exact error code needed for troubleshooting. (NOWAPP-291)

  • Protocol http breaking Android 9: This release updates the protocol http rule to allow for http or https protocol to ensure ads will deploy within article pages. (NOWAPP-295)