Issue/Change: Navigation regions set to "Do not display navigation at this URL" were displaying an inherited navigation on the front end only.   This is now fixed.

Summary: IE 11 was not allowing some item list block customizations to be selected.  This is now fixed.
Example: The dropdown boxes on the Touch 5 Mobile: Tiles block template will now function in IE 11.
Summary: Some blocks displayed a broken image in the "Create a new block / Choose a block template" dialog box.
Change: All blocks will either display the preview image or "no preview" in that dialog box.
Summary: Preview images for inline assets will not render in IE9 and IE10.
Change: In IE9 and IE10, only the asset title will now display for inline assets.  Preview images will not attempt to load.


Summary: Creating a new component was exposing the package subdirectory, which should be hidden.
Change: Only the macro and resources directories will be visible when creating a component now.