In the the latest BLOX Syndication release, we have updated YouTube and Wordpress, and added BitCentral syndication.


  • In June 2019, we changed Editorial in BLOX such that users no longer made specific YouTube asset types but rather created video asset types when adding a YouTube video manually. Now YouTube syndication is being updated to match as well. Videos created by YouTube syndication channels will now always be video assets with a subtype of "youtube." (SYNDICATE-388)

  • In addition, we now support YouTube embed URL formats when entering it into a new video asset’s URL field as well as a fix for doubly-escaped HTML entities in video titles. (SYNDICATE-392, SYNDICATE-359)

  • We have also made minor updates to YouTube branding, terms of service, and privacy policy links in YouTube syndication channels. (SYNDICATE-411, SYNDICATE-412)


  • A minor update fixes an issue with how Wordpress syndication applies categories or sections to BLOX assets and slugs. (SYNDICATE-405)


  • BitCentral customers wishing to use their Fuel video player can now ingest BitCentral MRSS feeds using the MRSS/ATOM Feed channel functionality. (SYNDICATE-383)