In this release we are adding job interval timing for some channels, as well as updates for Associated Press, ATOM/RSS, Wordpress, and PR Newswire channels.


  • We've added ability override default interval timing on AP, Wordpress and ATOM/RSS importers. AP and Wordpress importers can now be set to run every 5, 10 or 15 minutes (the current 15 minutes remains the default). ATOM/RSS can be set to 15 minutes or "Cache TTL" which at this time will be 60 minutes, but in a future update will respect the time to live (TTL) as defined in the feed source. (SYNDICATE-630)
  • We've standardized the video data returned in a media array from a get_object syndication webservice request to include subtype, video_data, and url fields for all video asset types. (SYNDICATE-641)
  • Resizing a syndication channel configuration window no longer causes the page to become inoperable. (SYNDICATE-570)


  • Added a new DRM constraint type called approduct that is used on destination sites to check to see if a site is allowed to receive an AP asset. Destination sites will load entitlements from all configured AP syndication channels to determine if the asset will be allowed to be published on the site.

    For example, if a local site is a destination receiving syndicated AP articles from a different central hub site that covers multiple states, and the local site is only entitled for certain content, other content from the hub will be excluded based on the permissions of the destination site. (SYNDICATE-489)


  • Link assets in ATOM/RSS feeds would not import if the preview image in the feed is unable to be retrieved. This has been fixed.(SYNDICATE-496)
  • Fixed an issue where BLOX importers may skip items in ATOM/RSS feeds —if items first appear in a feed with a timestamp in the past—by adding a check if the item exists in BLOX, rather than only relying on the timestamp available on items in the feed. (SYNDICATE-645)


  • Added support to Wordpress syndication channels for "ingested_articles" post types. This allows content syndicated into a Wordpress site to be imported into BLOX. (SYNDICATE-627)
  • Added support for retaining Wordpress Core default CSS classes (that handle various alignments for inline media) when importing content into BLOX via Wordpress channels. (SYNDICATE-631)
  • Added support for ingesting caption or description information for Rayos Wordpress gallery content based on display settings defined in Rayos. (SYNDICATE-632)
  • Added the ability to disable media author bylines from importing from Rayos Wordpress syndication channels. Other Wordpress channels will continue to import media author information for media assets. (SYNDICATE-633)
  • Fixed broken search results (and therefore importing) in Wordpress syndication channels that could occur due to empty or whitespace content in Wordpress article assets. (SYNDICATE-613)
  • Fixed situations where some Wordpress articles are imported with missing portions of body content. (SYNDICATE-620)


  • Fixed out of memory (OOM) issues resulting from PR Newswire channels by limiting importers to only import assets since last run time. (SYNDICATE-646)