Card Image grid

In this release, we are adding a new block called "Card: Image grid" that will show a simple, clean grid of images. This new block can be helpful in several different use cases:

  • Promoting a grid of sponsorship logos for special events.
  • Displaying magazine or special section covers in a simple grid.
  • Creating a simple display of team logos for a sports section.

The new block has the following options:

  • Choose the optimal image aspect ratio, which will either crop the images as needed, or show the full preview image.
  • Enable the images to click through to their associated link, or not be linked, even if there is a URL associated to that asset.
  • The "Card: Image grid" block will work with any asset type, but it is especially useful to show image or link assets.
  • Choose to have a light grey border around the images, or no border.
  • The block offers a choice of number of columns up to six. Regardless of the column choice, the block is responsive and will display fewer columns as the device size shrinks.

Please note that this block will not display headlines or summary text, even if that is included with the asset.

Read the detailed release notes here.