Card: Modular Grid

The "Card: Modular Grid" block displays a presentation of assets that line up at the bottom.

This new block type will help create modular, eye-pleasing presentations in several different types of layouts. The "Card: Modular Grid" block showcases a main story as well as side stories. Options include the ability to choose whether the main story goes on the right or left, and how many columns will be displayed.

This block works hand-in-hand with the "Card: Modular Summary" block, as well as the "Card: Grid" block, which all will create square, even presentations that line up at the bottom across the row.

Modular blocks

In this image, the top row of articles is creating by the "Card: Grid" block, the second row uses the "Card: Modular Grid" block, and the third and fourth row use the "Card: Modular Summary" block.

Read the detailed release notes here.