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Create interactive promos, messages and more with new Promo Designer block

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Design a variety of promotional overlays, slide-ins, and other offer messages for visitors with a fun, robust and useful "Utility: Promo Designer" block.

Utility: Promo Designer

The block has numerous options that can be used together to create an plethora of block designs. Some of these options include:

  • Card shape—choose from circle, rectangle or rounded rectangle. You can also choose your background color and border color.
  • Custom sticker—place an optional sticker at the top of the block with a custom background color and icon.
  • Background image—include a background image at the top or stretched to fill the entire card.
  • Multiple text areas—enter your own messaging in several different areas: a lead in, headline, text, and small info text at the bottom.
  • Action button—provide a call to action with an optional button with custom text and a custom URL.

This block can be triggered to display when site visitors:

  • Enter the site after X seconds.
  • Show intent to leave after X seconds.
  • Reach the end of the content on a story after X seconds.

And it supports several animations:

  • Centered overlay.
  • Slide-in from the left, bottom, top or right side.

The block has built-in support for:

  • Email Reach list sign ups.
  • Subscription links.
  • iQ Engage audience targeting.

This block is great for:

  • Subscription offers and promo codes.
  • Targeting specific users to sign up for a relevant Email Reach list.
  • Communicating special new services, magazines, contents, etc.

Note: Overlays which cover content, when used for the purpose of a paid advertisement from a commercial entity, are not compliant with the Better Ad Standards.

Read the detailed release notes here.

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