BLOX Go mobile interface

We are excited to announce several new upgrades to the popular BLOX Go mobile interface.

  • The following fields have been added to the BLOX Go edit article interface: Slug, Subhead, Hammer, and Kicker.
New fields in BLOX Go

  • A "view live" button is now available in the article editor on BLOX Go mobile. This new button links to the article's live page. This shows what the article looks like on the front end and is a great way to find the full URL for sharing to social media.
BLOX Go Live View

  • We are improving the usability of the BLOX Go mobile interface:
    • Move "Remove" button into an overflow (dots) menu.
    • Add "OK" button which dismisses the edit dialog.
    • Elevate media item thumbnails to better communicate tappability.

Read the detailed release notes here.