We're happy to announce that we have integrated the OneTrust privacy solution into the BLOX CMS platform. This will allow you to easily configure Cookie Consent and "Do Not Sell My Information" links to be in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, Nevada SB220 and other privacy regulations.

You'll need to work with OneTrust to set up an account and configure your consent widgets. Once that is done, integration with BLOX is as simple as copying a piece of information from OneTrust into the OneTrust key field in your Site Settings panel.

Many of the pieces to a comprehensive privacy plan for your site were discussed at our June 2020 webinar. Full setup instructions, along with our OneTrust contact, can be found in this help doc

There are four big takeaways to make sure your site is in compliance:

  1. Update your privacy policy
  2. Implement a cookie consent tool
  3. Implement a "Do Not Sell My Info" link (you can do this easily with our Utility: Copyright block)
  4. Implement a plan to address Data Subject Requests

More information about each of these items in the linked documents. We highly recommend working with a legal team to make sure your sites individual needs are met for privacy policy and compliance.

View the detailed release notes here.