A new tool is now available in BLOX CMS: the BLOX Media Library. Found in the "Design" -> "Media Library" menu, this new application will provide easier management of static images and media files.

(Note: By default, this application will be available to users in the "Administrator" group. Those Administrators can then add to other user groups as desired.)

Media Library

The BLOX Media Library serves as a place to store files that are outside the scope of day-to-day publishing content.

  • Items stored in the BLOX Media Library are not available in front-end searches. This prevents design elements and other (non-news) items from being found by front-end users.
  • References created to BLOX Media Library items will not contribute to asset relationship counts. This means a media library item can have thousands of references to other files, but these relationships won't cause performance problems.
  • Items stored in the BLOX Media Library also have an "access name," which is a unique nickname provided for every media library asset. This access name can be used in other BLOX CMS applications or on external sites to reference that file. For example, let's say you have ten spots where a site logo is needed, some on your BLOX CMS site and some on external sites. You can link the img src to the media library's new public URL, which will ensure that updating that one image file in the future will keep those logos synced across all sites. The "access name" is required for each media library item and must be unique.
  • BLOX Media Library items contain a public URL which can be used as references binary source (within an image src tag, for example) on external sites. BLOX CMS file locations sometimes change, so if a file on our CDN is referenced on an external site, it will likely break in a matter of time due to these changes. The public URL fixes this issue, as we will maintain this URL going forward to the best of our ability. The "access name" for each item is included in the public URL as a reference.
  • Image proxy technology (sometimes called Smart Sizing) is available on BLOX Media Library image files. This means you can code references to media library items that will always show the right-sized image no matter what.
Media Library

Batch uploading to the BLOX Media Library

  • A batch upload feature has been included with the BLOX Media Library application, making it easy to create libraries of information quickly. Since the access name for each item is required, the batch upload process will automatically use the file's basename as an access name. However, clicking on the access name in this window will give you the option to be able to change the access name before for it is created within the BLOX Media Library.
Batch upload in Media Library

Organizing the BLOX Media Library

  • Keywords are included on each media library item so you can organize how files are stored and find them easily. For example, you could create keywords for "site logos," "columnist profile pictures," "section topic headers" and "other." Adding these keywords will create a nice organization methodology for your files.
Keywords in Media Library

Using the BLOX Media Library from within the Block Editor

  • One of the most common uses for the BLOX Media Library will be to store logos and graphics for your site that are used for design purposes. So, we have added the BLOX Media Library as a new option when uploading images to blocks within the Block Editor.
Media Library in the Block Editor

Read the detailed release notes here.