In this release we are making improvements and fixing bugs in Field59 VMS Google Analytics, adding a new companion banner override feature, and other bug fixes.


  • To make some analytics event actions more useful, we are changing the event labels in Field59 VMS Google Analytics to use video titles instead of file key identifiers for event actions that measure video views at 25, 50, 75, and 100% of duration. (FLD59-1484)
  • We're restoring the video_progress_75 event action metric. (FLD59-1430)
  • Resolved special character encoding issues in Field59 VMS Google Analytics. (FLD59-1592)


  • A new parameter, “preventDefaultCompanion”, is now available for in-page-overrides of the Field59 VMS player. When set in conjunction with “leaveCompanion” and “companionLocation”, this allows companions to be targeted to specific locations on desktop, while suppressing on mobile viewports when the player size is too small. (FLD59-1616)


  • Resolved player display of duplicate captions under certain browser settings, as well as display issues with the closed caption settings panel. (FLD59-1623)
  • Fixed a bug preventing save if Field59 VMS live channel asset thumbnail is changed or removed. (FLD59-1604)
  • Certain video preview modal displays were not working in the Field59 VMS manager. This has been fixed. (FLD59-1344)
  • Improving browsers caching effectiveness for redirect image URLs. (FLD59-1620)