In this release of Flex Templates, we are adding new support for discounts in the BLOX Ad Manager system. In addition, we are making several fixes and improvements to the Event Calendar submission tool, and more.


  • In this release, we have added the ability to show any discounts that are applied to an Ad-Owl order. Previously, the discounts were applied, but no indication of that was given to the customer. Now, you will see the original price, then the subtracted discount, along with the final price to pay.  (FLEXBLOX-6792)
  • If a link to a site's eEdition app is included in the Now App "more" menu, it will open a link to a new browser tab rather than attempting to open it inside of the app's web view. This way, functionality such as landscape mode will continue to work properly. (FLEXBLOX-6797)
  • A "style" choice has been added to the Now App summary block. This will allow the choice between a featured display block (the standard image that has always been available) and a new headline list style. This will only be available when the 2.3 version of Now App is released. (FLEXBLOX-6855)
  • There are now URL properties on the Calendar URLs that allow sites to make the venue, contact, and cost fields required for readers submitted events into the system. (FLEXBLOX-6881)


  • In the sticky anchor region, when an ad does not properly render, the sticky anchor UI would still be visible. We've fixed this issue. (FLEXBLOX-5706)
  • We've changed the Email Reach signup area in the User Dashboard to use JavaScript instead of jQuery. This helps reduce dependencies on external libraries. (FLEXBLOX-6733)
  • Tweets created by the Twitter integration tool in Editorial will now be centered inside the story, instead of being left aligned. This will improve the appearance of articles that have embedded tweets, especially in long-form presentation mode. (FLEXBLOX-6820)
  • We are improving the performance and efficiency of how related content is shown on non-article assets. This should have no affect on the front end. (FLEXBLOX-6832)
  • To prepare for future functionality, we are adding the "subs_premiumContentHide" to all Utility Regions. This should have no effect on current functionality. (FLEXBLOX-6851)
  • To speed up when users are able to leave a reaction on the page via the User Reactions feature, we will now fire the script when the page is loaded rather than when its complete. (FLEXBLOX-6887)
  • Single quotes are now being escaped from keywords before sending them to Google Ad Manager for targeting. (FLEXBLOX-6894)
  • When added to an article as an inline summary card, events will now show the date and time of the event. This helps educate users as to when the event will occur, or if it has already happened. (FLEXBLOX-6896)
  • When in AMP mode, Field59 videos will now receive the VAST URL from the VAST URL settings panel in URL properties Video group. If enabled, this will allow pre-roll videos to play on AMP pages. (FLEXBLOX-6919)


  • We're resolving some mobile UI issues with the "Find location" tool in the calendar event submission process.  We've expanded the widget to show more locations and allow for scrolling in IOS.  (FLEXBLOX-6753)
  • In some edge cases, the icons on e-Editions were pushed out of view. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6872)
  • A conflict between User Reactions and the fixed article share buttons setting has been fixed and they will now work properly together. (FLEXBLOX-6874)
  • If a site has "Require HTTPS" enabled for their BLOX Business Directory URL, then the iframe URL for "Find a location" was not working properly. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6880)
  • When clicking the Free checkbox, the cost field will now be deactivated. This way, readers will not be able to submit an event that is both marked as "free" and also has a cost associated. (FLEXBLOX-6883)
  • The overlay popup for images was not working correctly in Safari for inline images. This has now been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6895)
  • When a user creates an event with a custom venue (one that isn't picked from the BLOX Business Directory), and then goes to edit that event, the venue fields do not contain the data previously entered. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6901)
  • Inline assets from non-editorial applications will now correctly display their correct inline presentation mode when using a display other than default. Previously, if something like "headline link" was chosen, it was not working properly. (FLEXBLOX-6902)