In this Flex Templates software release, we are removing the user profile "homepage" link, Flickr and Google+ fields from various locations. In addition, we've addressed a few minor bugs.


  • The JavaScript for "followed notifications" has been improved to have less dependencies on external applications. (FLEXBLOX-6669)
  • As stated in our previous end-of-life announcement, the "homepage" link has been removed from the user profile pages, the user signup (if included) page, and the "edit profile" page. (FLEXBLOX-6914).
  • Also previously announced, the Flicker and Google+ fields have been removed from the user profile page, the author card, the "Utility: Social links" block, the "Email Utility: social links" block, and the Business Directory details page. (FLEXBLOX-6915)


  • In this release, we corrected an issue with LinkedIn profile's URL in the Business Directory. (FLEXBLOX-5614)
  • The VAST ad URL was passing bad data into the section parameter which is generating bad feeds in some scenarios. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6773)
  • A race condition within Safari appearing when infinity scroll is on the page has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6912)
  • Some padding issues have been addressed in the "Card: Grid" block. (FLEXBLOX-6920)
  • In some situations, a Google Ad Manager ad that was not configured could cause issues with the video player. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-6921)