In this minor release of Flex Templates, we are making some improvements to how BLOX Live e-Editions works with paywalls, as well as some other minor changes and improvements.


  • A change to BLOX Live e-Editions was made to support having a free section in an otherwise paywall restricted edition. (FLEXBLOX-7210)


  • In order to improve site accessibility, we are adding a "presentation" role in the code to our Font Awesome icons. (FLEXBLOX-7174)


  • This release will expose more information about a coupon discount if the field has been filled out. (FLEXBLOX-6178)
  • We fixed a bug that was causing some non-essential elements to be displayed along with the Subscription renewal form. (FLEXBLOX-6903)
  • In the "Utility: Promo Designer" block, the email_text_color check is now added to the container that is added to the block when 'Require user account' is set to true. (FLEXBLOX-7209)
  • When adding an "application URL" to a job in the Classified application, it will now make that link clickable and say "More info." (FLEXBLOX-7219)