In this release of Flex Templates, we are upgrading the standard video player and optimizing custom images throughout the site. In addition, there are a few bug fixes and improvements as well.


  • We are upgrading the standard video player for BLOX to the latest update for videoJS. This will create better performance as well as support for m2u8 video types. Currently, this feature is in beta mode as it is being live tested. It will be available to the general public soon. (FLEXBLOX-6451)
  • We are optimizing the size of images that are uploaded as custom files to URL properties. This will help site performance. (FLEXBLOX-6556)


  • If there is an insecure VAST ad feed uploaded to the URL properties for videos, we will attempt to switch its protocol to secure (https). (FLEXBLOX-6152)
  • We are optimizing custom background images that are uploaded through URL and block custom properties to improve site performance. (FLEXBLOX-6575)
  • The word "tooltip" has been removed from the ComScore tooltip. (FLEXBLOX-6591)
  • We have optimized the pre-load functionality of the audio/podcast block to save bandwidth. (FLEXBLOX-6635)


  • We are fixing an edge case conflict between the next/prev feature and the sticky anchor ad. (FLEXBLOX-6592)
  • We are correcting an eEdition data point in Google Tag Manager data layer. (FLEXBLOX-6596)
  • We are fixing an issue where BLOX comments did not work well with some asynchronous scripts. (FLEXBLOX-6606)
  • We've made a grammatical fix on the BLOX Ad-Owl order process. (FLEXBLOX-6609)
  • We are optimizing the image delivery size on articles that have single expandable images (when they are not inline). (FLEXBLOX-6633)
  • The "disabled" option under Paid Recommendations has been re-added to ensure backwards compatibility for sites who wish to manually disable that for certain sections. (FLEXBLOX-6659)