In this Flex Templates software release, we are adding a new animation to the BLOX Notifier block, as well as adding support for the "Reveal" Google Ad Manager Creative Template. There are also several bug fixes and minor improvements as well.


  • The BLOX Notifier "Utility: Notifications Control" block will now show a notifications bell with animation whenever there are in-browser notices waiting for the user. (FLEXBLOX-6675)
  • We now officially support the updated version of the "Reveal" Creative Template for Google Ad Manager. This ad template offers the ability to display one to three images (desktop and mobile) with an optional animation between the images, as well as supporting an embedded YouTube video. The video will autoplay with no sound, offering a toolbar so the user can adjust the sound as needed. Update your ad template in Google Ad Manager to use this new version available on our help site. (FLEXBLOX-7058)


  • There is now the option to customize the button text and BLOX Email Reach signup button text on the "Utility: Promo Designer" block. (FLEXBLOX-7151)
  • A duplicate "action" referrer instance for Facebook and Google signup has been removed. There is also hidden input with the same information which is used instead. (FLEXBLOX-7153)
  • Google Ad Manager has updated the Google Publisher Tag boilerplate to avoid loading the script via script injection, and we have implemented this change. This is a welcome improvement now that modern browsers support the "async" (asynchronous) attribute on the script tag. (FLEXBLOX-7163)


  • In some cases, the "Classifieds: Bulletins" block had overlapping ads or other spacing issues due to scrolling or resizing. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-7157)
  • We have addressed an issue with our MRSS feed for Whiz that was causing validation errors. (FLEXBLOX-7158)
  • There was an edge case with refreshable ads and header bidding that has been addressed. (FLEXBLOX-7164)