In this release of Flex Templates, we are adding a new hover tool tip to our web push notifications sign up block, updating our podcast block, and making several updates and fixes.


  • There is now a hovering tool tip available in the BLOX Notifier web push notifications block, "Utility: Notification controls." This setting will make it possible to create a small call out that points to the web push notifications block encouraging users to sign up. (FLEXBLOX-6523)
  • The subscription purchase "success" message has been updated to reflect the new delimited service type. (FLEXBLOX-7014)


  • In the "Ads: Google Ad Manager" block, the Google Ad Manager size-mapping feature will no longer be used when the ad sizes specified for all four view-ports are the same. (FLEXBLOX-6856)
  • The "Utility: Audio/Podcast Player" block now incorporates our new video player technology to provide a streamlined user experience. Audio assets can now have a preview image, and will support a pre-roll video ad in front of the podcast preview. In addition, the block supports multiple column cards to preview additional podcasts, and will now autoplay from asset to asset. (These new settings are available in a BETA test. To participate in the test, please contact our Customer Support team and ask for the new_podcast experimental setting.) (FLEXBLOX-6930)
  • We are adding additional third-party vendor links to our DNS prefetching list. This will help improve front-end performance. (FLEXBLOX-7049)


  • In the e-Edition mobile display, swipe events will now be disabled when the user can pinch zoom on the page. This will prevent a use from triggering a swipe when they are trying to pinch zoom. (FLEXBLOX-5843)
  • In the "Utility: Promo Designer" block, the "Manage your lists" button has been updated to the correct location. (FLEXBLOX-7038)
  • We are fixing an issue related to SMS sharing on mobile viewports. The SMS sharing button will now track appropriately for both analytics and DMP tracking. (FLEXBLOX-7043)
  • In some cases, there can be duplicate IDs within the "Utility: Promo Designer" block, which can lead to validation errors. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-7091)