In this release of Flex Templates we are making minor modifications and bug fixes, in addition to experimental features for the BLOX Now app that will be fully available in a future version.


  • The global skyline and front skyline regions are now available on both "Static" and "Fixed on scroll" Main Navigation position options. This is disabled for Business Directory and for the "Fixed" Navigation Position. (FLEXBLOX-7323)
  • We have changed the format of the "forgot password" email to be sent in HTML. This may help the link stay in one line and may decrease user errors. (FLEXBLOX-7332)
  • We have improved the display of the obituary "Gifts of Remembrance" listing. It is now more dynamic and better integrated. (FLEXBLOX-7345)
  • In a previous release, we removed social fields from users which had the side-effect of removing them as well for admin users. With this release we are restoring the display of those fields so that in the author profile page, Facebook and Twitter links will be displayed. (FLEXBLOX-7358)
  • In some edge cases, the "Don't have an account?" link on the sign up page may not have displayed properly. This has now been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-7384)


These experimental features will show up under the BLOX Now app configuration panel, but will not fully function until the 3.0 version is released.

  • We are making changes to the Topic & More customization properties on the BLOX Now app. These changes are experimental until the 3.0 version is released. (FLEXBLOX-7289)
  • There is a new "Promo screen" toggle available in the BLOX Now App configuration panel. It is experimental but will be available in a future version of the app. (FLEXBLOX-7321)
  • A new livestream banner will be available in the BLOX Now app configuration panel. This feature is experimental and will be available in a future version of the app. (FLEXBLOX-7324)


  • The performance of the code related to the Upsell Manager enhancement process has been improved. (FLEXBLOX-7284)
  • We are improving the performance of the "Classifieds: Bulletins" block so that it loads when the document loads. (FLEXBLOX-7318)
  • The language for the obituary "Gifts of Remembrance" feature has been changed. (FLEXBLOX-7393)


  • We have fixed an edge case with the "Slideshow: Carousel" where sometimes the headline link didn't work. (FLEXBLOX-7335)

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact customer support at (800) 293-9576 or